Hot to stop modulating on A4 delay?

Anyone has an idea how to avoid modulating on delay?

don’t modulate it.

you’ll need to be much more descriptive for anyone to help you


yes, find out what is modulating it … maybe plocks on FX track or ENV or LFO or Performance macro raising modulation depths … then remove

put a bit more flesh on the bones of your question if you want good feedback


as far as i know
there is no modulation in delay parameters

What do you mean by modulating?
What is it doing?
Is the speed changing? Check the lfos.
Is it ping-ponging left to right? That’s the control on the delay page marked X.

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do you mean that kind of modulation when you switch between patterns with different delay-times?

yes it’s could be the source of the modulating
how the lfo connected to delay?

it’s like a frequency modulation in some delay effect pedals

In the FX track there is an LFO page. This LFO is dedicated to the FX.

I get it if I slave the A4 to my Octatrack the delay times fluctuate as the MIDI clock slightly changes. Would be great if you could un sync the delay time… or of course if the Octatrack could supply rock steady midi clock. But I think one would be much easier than the other.

My A4 is slaved to my Ot, I didn’t noticed such fluctuations. That can be a reason though. :sketchy:

all the LFOs turned off, but the phenomenon still there…

I turned OFF the MIDI channel on FX track but the modulation is still there

MIDI channel has nothing to do with clock. Delay time is derived from the machine’s tempo, have you tested without any external clocking?

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Good hint. I’ve tested it right know, and definitely the outer source of the clock initiates the modulation.
So, any idea to fix it?

Get a better clock source.

better means?

Provide more details of your setup and maybe people can make suitable suggestions.

MASTER MIDI: Nord Beat on IPAD -» Alesis IO Dock -» into a MIDI quadra thru box -» Analog 4

I usually get solid clock from iOS devices, might be worth trying with a direct USB cable to diagnose the weak part of the setup.

Edit: Also try a different app for your clock.