How about an INVERTED SCREEN option for the Old Octatrack?

Seems good, black background , white fonts…
Possible to implement this simple inversion of the display on the old octa ?


This would be a nice DIY projects. Similar to the MPC stuff site with the red screens and black inverted ones.

Head over to eBay:

Have also seen for octa - ASK the seller

I would love that!

OT MKii is shipping with OLED…

Sorry, didn’t mean to drag you into this, just wanted to show the pic that it can be done as some may still want to modify a mk1…

theres a guy from the UK selling these screens for the MD on ebay once and a while. I wonder if we can find him, he can source the same for the OTMK1

I have also heard some weird solutions for MD to be made similar to MNM’s display (not the regular orange backlight).

Would be ideal if elektron offered a chance to change the screens to OLED ones, kinda like what they did for MD upgrades back in the day.

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FWIW, I asked Elektron if I could update my OT MK1 with a new screen. Their response was, “There’s no official way.”

Maybe more ‘unofficial’ ways will become available…

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That sure sounds like an unofficial endorsement!

I’ll ask about getting the new OLED display once I get the replacement knobs I ordered a few weeks ago… :zonked:

The screens used in the MKii are of a different design, and smaller dimensions. There is no easy way to install one in an original Octatrack. We used to offer an OLED kit for the OT mk1, It is no longer available.

read this thread… its possible. It’s pretty cheap and requires a bit of soldering, but it has been done.

already thought about this, i’d like an option in the firmware , so mk1 could be reverse and mk2 normal if you want ! ELEKTRON please, overbridge is overrated !!!:joy:

Yeah I really meant as in a Software update, or some kind of hack :stuck_out_tongue: