How do you effectively manage working in a single project?

The OT manual says that a project is meant to be a “collection of compositions” or a “live set”. It seems like that is how it should be but in my practical use it seems like the OT wants to keep all the samples and settings the same for every pattern.

I want to fill up a project with a bunch of different sketches - different tempos, different samples etc. I know how to dynamically change samples per track with sample lock but is there an easier workflow to “reset” a pattern and load new samples on a per project basis? So that I can start fresh within the pattern? Or am I meant to load a new project per sketch/mini composition?

I can get all the variations I need in a single pattern with scenes and parts and p-locks. I want to be able to stay in the same project though so I can build new things within it…


This is where every setting above the sequencer buttons lives. Everything. Sample allocation, amp settings, lfo, fx, scenes, track recorder settings, everything.

So to change changes samples and settings between patterns you need to change parts. (Or stick to using sample locks)

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Hey thanks. Actually - you lead me to look at Banks - which is what I think I’m after more as it isn’t tied to a pattern.

Yep. Thats the hierachy of OT.

And from what I’ve read there’s no way to set individual tempo per pattern/bank - only in the arrange view, correct?

Incorrect. As of OS1.4, tempo per pattern is possible.


Aha - “Press [FUNC] + [YES] to switch between PROJECT and PATTERN tempo mode.”