How does Undo on Digi's actually work?

Ive been using Digitone for a year+ now.
I red the manual fully multiple times whilst in the restroom.
I still dont understand how undo works. :weary:
Every time i try to undo i trigger a clear command first, and am only able to undo that clear command.
Can someone please explain it to me in unga-bunga language, with examples.

You can undo (immediately prior) clear commands [so the exact same key combo is used]

For something more akin to a general undo you can save ahead of a change - or perhaps copy a page and paste back


Well, there is not really more to this. You can only undo “clear” and “paste” commands (by immediately repeating the key combo).


okay so im not crazy after all.

you can only undo something while still hold same FUNC press, from previous command.
if you let go of the FUNC, you cannot undo the clear/paste you just did.

if i understood correct, thread can be closed. Thank you. :okej:

EDIT: this is not correct, read thread further.

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i’m surprised you need to hold function continuously tbh

a quick double tap to undo last meaningful clear/paste would be nice.
at least thats how i defaulted to trying it out for a while.

You don’t need to hold Func continuously to undo a paste or clear.


okay i tried it again, you are right.
and i think i found what was confusing me.

undo only works if you havent touched any parameters or entered new trigs.

i just cleared a sequence, and undo works fine, no FUNC holding needed
but if i touch anything thats not undo command after a clear, undo doesnt work anymore.

EDIT: its confusing that undo doesnt work if you go to a different page, even without changing any parameters or entering new trigs. Which is why i never used it because you only notice that you made a mistake after you press a button or two, in which case its too late to undo.

Thanks everyone, now i know how undo behaves, maybe ill be able to make use of it. :blue_heart:
its nice to have that option.