How often do you guys do major studio overhauls?

I’m in the middle of my first major studio overhaul in quite a few years and I was wondering how often you guys do major change ups?

I decided to finally get a new computer and a decent soundcard, so I’m paring down a lot of my hardware. I’m just sick of nests of cables and loads of things that sit on shelves (or in drawers or closets) and don’t get touched or worse sit and collect dust. December is going to be a PITA getting everything out on the auctions, but when it’s over it’s going to feel good. I’m looking forward to a streamlined and tidy setup. I’m definitely a minimalist at heart.

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My advice is patchbays, labels, cable tidies and making sure the cables are the correct length - yes it can be a right PITA buying new cables but the hassle saved in the long run is worth it I found, a lot of planning in advance made my setup a joy to use, I can easily know what I’m connecting and reconfigurations are simple because everything is on a patchbay and clealy labelled, both midi and audio.


Every six months, it all gets pulled out and rerouted, deep clean, cable check etc.

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Right now, I’m focusing on having less stuff.

One thing I’m really stuck on at the moment is what to do about a midi controller keyboard.

I have an Arturia Keystep and a Yamaha Reface CP. I really only want to keep one keyboard.

Do I:

  1. Keep the Reface since I love the sounds and use it as my midi controller (sacrificing aftertouch, the mod wheel strips, and the arpeggiator)?

  2. Get rid of the Reface and try to replace those Rhodes and vintage key sounds with software since my computer will be pretty powerful and I really only use those sounds in my studio so the loss of portability won’t be a major downside. (FYI: Logic will be my main DAW)

*Note: I’m not much of a keyboard player, but I absolutely love Rhodes (and Wurlitzers).

when I’m faced with that sort of decision I just throw stuff in a closet/storage for a while to de-clutter, and if something stays in storage too long I’ll probably sell it after some months or years. If you find yourself needing/wanting the one that’s put away you can always swap equipment back and forth depending on what you desire at the time. Obviously this strategy works best and is easier to implement on less expensive and physically smaller gear.

Once I’m set up and everything is working/sounding properly, I just leave it alone (other than tidying up about once a week).

When I was in my first band, we would completely relocate our rehearsal space about 4-5 times per year. The change of scenery kind of inspired us. We had a TON of gear to move though.

Yeah, I have been really tempted to get something with weighted keys. Maybe once they get wireless midi worked out so that I don’t have to have a cable strung across the room.

The thing I keep coming back to is a line from one of my favorite books on minimalism (The Joy of Less). I can’t remember it word for word, but it is essentially: you have to learn to differentiate between “you” and “fantasy you”.

I have this cheap, funky ES-130 copy guitar in the closet that I very rarely play, but I keep telling myself that it’s a shame to get rid of it because it would make a cool slide guitar or would make a neat compact jazz box if I start to take lessons again. The thing is that while that’s true, I don’t play slide and I don’t have the time to start up jazz guitar lessons again. I’ve been telling myself that story for several years now. “Fantasy me” should definitely keep that guitar, but “real me” should part with it and just use my tele if I start up lessons again.