How stable are static samples


Currently I’m working on a live set on the octatrack. I’m using some static samples because they are very long and I havingly p-locking them. I know what the difference is between static and flex machines and samples, but I am a bit scared of the stability of the static samples. What I was wondering… Does anybody using heavinly p-locked static samples in a live set and are you experiencing problems? Thanks…

Edit: at the moment I’m not experiencing any problems, but I’m not finished yet…

I use Static Machines a lot with a 4 bar loops, they work great, but I don’t p-lock them.
All I have is a stupid idea in my head that by using Static samples you will shorten CF card lifespan - it’s probably not true.

I personally don’t have any issues with static samples even I use huge amount of p-locks over them. I think if your card is stable you don’t have to worry about static samples. Just use them!

I have several projects (my live sets) inside OT that contains 8-track patterns with 10+ minutes static sample inside each track of each pattern. Works great without any issues!

OT is designed to play samples mainly from CF card, because Flex machines have small amount of memory. Also have to mention that I bought my CF-card in 2011 with OT and it works just like new. I make full backups time to time so if my card will be broken in one hypotetical day – I’ll just buy new one and load all info to it from backup folder. Also if you worry about CF related issues during live performances – just buy second card and load copy of your project to it.

I pretty much only use static samples. Rarely ever use flex. I have been using one 32 gig CF card for 4 years now. Still works great.

why would this even be a concern ?

reading from flash memory doesn’t wear it down. it’s only constant writing that you should be concerned about.

or is there something I don’t know about how the Octatrack reads from the flash card ?

Fun Fact: Dataline has stated that he only uses Static samples in his sets.

So yeah, I wouldn’t worry about it.

I only use flex machines to record, then they get saved to a static slot so by the time I have a track/set together it’s all static samples save for perhaps one flex machines for live sampling.

I have never had an issue with it until the last few months, where sometimes if I stop and restart the OT, static samples won’t play at all. Restarting the unit usually fixes it, but it’s a bit concerning (I also randomly lose midi note data every now and again… trigs stay but all p-locks get removed). My OT is from 2011 though, and I seem to experience a fair amount of quirks with it that I haven’t read much about (live sampling and playback often yields a different BPM and has to be adjusted in the sample settings… definitely a a huge inconvenience thus I don’t do much live sampling).

I use a 64gb Sandisk something… it has been quite reliable other than the static samples not playing sometimes. I might just need to do an empty reset, I have a lot of projects on my card. You will probably be fine. :slight_smile:

Thanks everybody for taking the time to read and reply.

Good to hear that a lot of you use static samples as well. I still dont have any problems so I will go for it for my live set next saturday. I’ve got a new flashcard inserted and its the only project i’m working on at the moment. So I think I’m save…

Its all live jamming what I do but I’ve got loads of patterns and scenes to choose from. Its a bit of a try out. Go with the flow and see what the crowd wants… I did this ones with the rytm and it was loads of fun!