How to backup all my work?


Been loving the Octatrack recently. Big learning curve but I’m finally getting it. Now that I’ve made a few things I really like, is there a way to backup all my work? What’s the easiest way to do all this? I tried googling and looking in the manual but couldnt find anything

Short Version: Backup the Set folder, thus all Projects and all Samples.

Long Version: Backup the Set folder, Project folders, and used Samples. You need to know which samples are used, identify and isolate them; or use the Project -> Collect Samples option, (which will move the used samples into the Proejct folder) then backup the Set and Project folders. Of couse this has a side affect when doing so.


Copy the set you’re working on to a computer. Page 22 of the manual.


We need this for rytm and digitakt! :o

OctaZip was the ultimate solution for Octatrack archiving imho, but what would I know?


that’s exactly THAT that took me (suddenly & definitely ) far away DT & to make me order OT2, + doing dub/ambiant/teck/deep needs some stereo, especially for that genres.

We will get DT/RYTM project + samples backup in the Transfer app! Not sure the ETA but it’s coming!

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Copy the entire flash card to your computer. Literally copy - paste. Super simple.

Thats what I do.