How to best play a set of my music?

Hi all,

Ive had my octatrack for a month now. I want to be able to play my music out and i have a whole bunch of songs I have finished on other equipment and had or am having released.

I have made 4 of my songs into patterns on the octatrack so far. The basic structure I have been using is one full length backing track, with three other tracks covering kick, bass and the main hook. I am triggering the backing track as a one shot sample so that the overall song structure is in place, then the other tracks loop in sync with various scenes set up. I have set up each of my songs as a separate bank with generally one part and one pattern.

The songs playback fine as individual patterns. The problem I have is how to transition from one song to another.

What happens now is the single shot backing track from Bank A Pattern 1 continues to play when i switch to Bank B Pattern 1, rather than the backing track for the second song getting triggered. the other looping tracks all change over OK.

Is there any way to overcome this problem?

Can i program a one off “arm all” message at the beginning of my second pattern in order for the second backing track to cutoff the first when i change patterns?

any help greatly appreciated!

Trigging a one shot on a track disarms all one shots of that track, in all patterns. You need to rearm. Press “Yes” to arm all tracks (may not work depending on settings, see manual page 81) if you’re not in grid rec mode. There was an informative thread on one shot trigs a week or so back.