How to change octave per note in MIDI track

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I was recently playing around with the MIDI tracks of the octatrack and did some nice sequencing of external gear.
When it came to programming and editing MIDI notes per trig, I wondered if there is a shortcut for changing the octave of a note quickly? The Monomachine was this, I press and hold the trigger button, then function+left/right for octave down/up.

How do you achieve this?

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I don’t know of a setting for octaves but on the arp page you have a transpose function, in semitones.

edit: if you press and turn the encoder the value will adjust 7 semitones at a time and while this can be useful, I always thought 12 would make more sense.

Yes, I agree!

Setting note pitch by encoder is a pain in the a** in my opinion. That’s something I also dislike with the MIDI-Machines on the Machinedrum: Of course it’s possible to send notes to an external synth, but it’s not fun to do! “Making music should be fun” is what Elektron says.

This would be a great suggestion for further Octatrack firmware updates:
Right now, left and right arrow keys are mapped to edit the micro timing (time domain). Since up and down arrows don’t do anything, this would be just perfect for octave up/down (pitch domain) and completely logical/intuitive.
Is there a official thread for such Octatrack-suggestions?

@JSZ: Thanks a lot for the idea with the arpeggiator. Since I was only used to the Arp of the Monomachine, I was stunned by the fact that the Arp in the Octatrack is parameter-lockable! Holy cow. :slight_smile:

I agree. There’s a wishlist thread, don’t know if Elektron read it or not.