How to copy parameters to other part

Hello there!
I have (another problem :grimacing:) when I copy a pattern to other bank everything it’s ok but when I change to part for start to make changes the pattern forget all the small adjust that I did (like filters, delays…) and it’s a little pain to try to copy everything, and I’m wondering if it’s a way for copy exactly the parameters on other part

Thanks guys

Maybe save the part beforehand?

Sorry maybe I don’t understand what u mean

I copy the pattern to other pattern slice and then I change (on the new ptn) to a different part (for example part 2) but the part two have the same triggers than the original but all the small adjust (delay, reverb, filters) are not anymore there


read a bit in these threads and understand how important saving parts is

read the other threads - most likeley you copied an old state of the part that has not yet been written to “disk”

Ok , I’m gonna take a look
Thanks :+1:

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And where are we supposed to find the “copy part” command?

Lol, I just learn about part Edit, but I have the same question I know how to save it but not copy and paste :grimacing:

You can copy and paste with the usual key combos in the part menu. (But this will copy your whole part… if you only want to copy some of the settings I don’t think that’s possible)


Maybe because you cannot copy a part to another, or do a “save as part #x:wink: . Maybe a guru could jump in to confirm, but I never heard of such a function. But with the OT one never knows…

You can copy a page settings of course: hold the menu button and copy, switch to another track, then hold menu and paste.

And you can definitely copy a part (open Part cross, select the Part to copy, then Fn+Rec) and paste it, even to another Bank.


Totally correct! Thanks for reminding me the simplest of simple things :wink:


There is a sub menu for parts where you can save, rename parts etc.

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Sure but that was where I looked first: there’s no “copy” or “save as” command in that menu, it has to be done via the usual func+rec, func+stop shortcuts, as rightfully pointed out by @JSZ and @LyingDalai.

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You can save to a new part by copypasting the current part. The “modified” status follows the copy and now you can save the new part and reload the old one if that makes sense.

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