How to dump system exclusive (sysex) midi data to Octatrack


As a starting producer, i want to dump the system exclusive data patterns of a Jomox Mbrane and Mbase11, to the Octatrack. In Jomox proprietary standard this has to be done pattern per pattern.

Nevertheless I know how to set things up on the Jomox machines.

Next are my assumptions:

A MIDI out cable on the Jomox unit is connected. The other end is routed, to the MIDI in interface of the Octrack. In this setup my other assumption is, that i should start the Octatrack with the buttons: “function and mixer” on and choose option three: “the midi upgrade.” Next i complete the sysex dump procedure on the Jomox unit. The octatrack is booted again not knowing if anything happened at all.

Although this procedure seems plausible, i serious doubt, that this is the right way, in dumping Sysex data, to an Octatrack. I am aware of the presence of the C6 software but i prefer dumping the sysex data without a personal computer. Is this possible?

Hopefully a light is shined on dumping sysex data to an octatrack.

Thanx in advance,


This is not possible on an Octatrack. The MIDI upgrade option is simply for just that, OT firmware upgrades and nothing else.

The only Sysex anything the OT does are parameter changes on the MIDI tracks, even those actually may be CC commands.

As for backing up the OT itself, just simply connect it by USB to a computer or connect the compact flash card direct to computer (card reader needed) and copy the set folder that is on the card.

Ultimately you will need a computer for the back ups and the C6 software may not be pretty but it will take sysex dumps from any standard MIDI instrument.

Is a sum, the octatrack isn’t capable of receiving sysex dumps or should i use the C6 tool for this goal?

Or is the Octatrack capable of receiving sysex dumps with the C6 tool, but doesn’t process the code when it’s there?

Thanx in advance

As everything is on the card, there’s no point in sending sysex, unless updating the Octa firmware.

As far as i know… the octatrack just doesnt do sysex sequencing in any way or form…
so yes. if you want to save/store/restore SysEx files you need a librarian-like tool.
C6 will do it… midiOX will do it… but your octatrack will not.
the octatrack sequencer can only handle CC events as far as i know.
you cannot record/play nrpn’s or sysex with your octatrack… u might be able to trick your other gear if you combine the correct 2 CCs in the correct order into creating an nprn message… but thats not something i would recommend doing / persuiing.
to make things even more complicated… the octatrack sequencer will only record CC information if you teach one of the knobs to “react” to that particular CC…
for your information… the only 2 hardware sequencers i had that could correctly record/playback both nprn and sysex information was my roland mc909… and my roland mv8800…
and please dont take this as a shitty cliche thing… but do yourself a favor and actually google:
What is midi
What is a continious controller (midi)
what is System Exclusive (midi)

knowing this information and understanding it… will absolutely help you out in trouble-shooting and or connecting various devices to eachother and making it work.

What OP is looking for is unfortunately not possible on the Octatrack. It isn´t that kind of unit for such purpose.

Either find an midifile-recorder/player that records everything sent to its inputs. Or use similar approach with computer and appropiate software.

Anything (too much of) SysEx could potentially choke the setup and lead to timing issues between gears in certain situations. Depends very much of how your gears are wired together to each other in regard to MIDI ins/outs etc. Then there are some units out there that are either ‘hands-on’ only and/or ‘SysEx’ if trying to bring in some automatic control. And less or none of (a bit more appropiate) PC# or CC# control (and in some cases RPN/NRPN messages) that manufacturers normally use…

It might be a such case with the Jomox units…

Everything i want works now without Sysex. Thanx for the replies