How to get sound from inputs in realtime?


I have this problem I have “solved” somehow in the past but can’t figure out. I’ve spent an hour reading the manual to no avail. I have browsed OT’s menus and I can’t find anything to help.

The problem?

I just want to hear (from my headphones plugged into the jack) the sound I’m playing on my synth which is sent to input pair AB, as I play it. I don’t understand why this has to be such a huge problem. I’ve had it working before but I started a new project and again the only way I can hear the synth is by recording it to a track and then triggering the recorded sample (or using pickup).

press mixer and turn the encoder either for input A/B or C/D to put the volume up. :wink:

Yeah…the DIR out…!

A thousand thanks. :joy: