How to ignore external keyboard's incoming Velocity data?

Hi everyone,

I searched pretty extensively and was unable to find an answer to this one, so here goes.

I am using an external keyboard (Yamaha Reface DX) connected to the Digitakt via MIDI so I can sequence it with the Digitakt, but also input chords on Trigs on the Digitakt instead of using Chromatic mode.

What is happening now: When I hold a Trig in Grid Recording Mode and play a chord on the Reface DX, I get parameter locks on both the notes I played (good) and the velocity (bad).

What I want to happen: I want the Velocity to remain at 100 and not be parameter locked on that Trig - essentially I want to ignore incoming Velocity data.

Any ideas? Thanks!

You can clear the lock for velocity only by holding function and pressing down the encoder for velocity? It’s not the same I know.

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You clear a parameter for the whole sequence by pushing and holding the encoder and “No” button while in Live Recording mode. I’m unsure if it works for velocity, though.

I don’t see a way to filter velocity messages as is. Maybe check on your keyboard side…

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Ironically had trouble enabling the velocity…lol

Btw one can disable the “Velocity to Vol” parameter in Sound Setup menu (manuel p.24). That might be what you’re looking for @matterrr.


I think this is the setting I’m looking for! Thanks!

That’s on the Digitone, not the Digitakt.

Indeed. I was 100% sure we were talking about the DN, my bad.

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No worries. Yeah I tried that method and there is no option like that in the Sounds manager on the DT. I think the best route (not ideal) I’ve found is recording each trig and then clearing all velocities.

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