How to incorporate sound packs?


I just bought the 808/909 Goldbaby sound pack and need some help on how to use the content best.
The instructions say to install onto the root of the CF card. There are 16 patterns in one set, 4 parts with either, 808, 909, or combination of both. Each pattern has 16 scenes.

I want to use one of the patterns as the basis for more editing in one of my songs (in a bank in a project in a different set).

So how do I get the pattern, samples, scenes and part into my other project to work on?

Thanks for your help!

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Bump. Anyone? Surely there is a way to move the soundpack setup into my other tracks?

I"ve owned an A4 for quite some time, but I’m new to the OT. So I’d like to know the answer to this also! :+1:

On your Octatrack you have you media card. Where you can create different SET, in a SET you can have many folders as a project + an audio pool (a simple folder called AUDIO)

When you want to install a expansion (sound pack) you need to copy the Project folder and in AUDIO (pool) copy the different folder you can have…
If you have already this folder simply merge it :

Per example for Octa Pak 6 Indie you will have a folder AUDIO open it and copy all folders inside that one in Your media card in the AUDIO folder and O-indie folder the one who contain (project files, bank, arr etc…) at the root of your media Card.

Each time you installed an expansion if you want all in the same SET (it’s depend about your organization) you will merge in AUDIO (pool)
all LOOPS, SOUNDS AND FX… (just keep the same path)
and then at the root the expansion folder
so maybe like this :
_ Octa Pak V4
_ Octa Pak V5
_ Octa Pak V6

hold the function button and hit the Mixer/Project button. In the File menu scroll down to Set/Change and hit enter select the pack from the menu and hit enter again. Then in the same file window scroll up and select Project/Change and hit enter, finally select the project and hit enter once more. When the Octatrack has finished loading the project hit the Exit/No button and your ready to play.

The good way to think of the structure in any ELEKTRON devices in to keep in mind a SET is like a performance in LIVE, a Project is like a Song/track (Live Arrangement View in Ableton Live) SONG mode is a playlist where you organized and say to the machine play Pattern 1 4times then Play Pattern 2 8times etc…, a Pattern is like a part of the song Intro/Break/outro etc… or Intro01 / Intro02 etc… like a clip in Ableton Live

A kit (for drums is like a drum machine Kick + Clap + HiHats + Tom)
A sound/sample is a Clap or a Tom

For who saved what refer to the manual to never missed something.

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Thankyou for your help!

I’ve been using Project as my overall collection of music and have been using a Bank as each of my tracks.

When I played live last week each track I played was a different bank. I haven’t got up to 16 banks yet so it seems to be working ok.

Thanks for the explanation, William Wild, but sorry, I didn´t really get it.
Because it don´t want to mess up my Card and my Projects, could you (or anyone) describe it again step by step?
I only have 1 Set, 1 project, end each song is a Bank. That´s the only way to use your songs live, because the Seq. doesn´t have to stop between.