How to save arp parameters in different kit

Hi guys

I’ve been preparing an upcoming live set, and the one thing that bothers me is that I am not able to save the different arp parameters (mainly arp mode, spd and rng) per track. (or kit)

I’ve tired to save the arp parameters is patterns, kits, even tracks… but non of them works…

everything changes like spd and rng… which is a pain… still looking for answers…

I believe arp parameters are linked to specific patterns. Make sure you save the pattern before moving to another one! I do that too often and come back to a broken pattern.

Hi Jay

thanks for the reply, I saved both kit and patterns but non of them works…

for example

the parameter under Arp setting for bank A1
“mod” up
“spd” 12
“rng” 1

and saved.

now load A2 which everything is different. and when i switch back to A1

it doesnt switch back to my previous A1 arp setting.

a bit confuse here…

ARP - settings are part of the sound-settings of eatch pattern ( so eatch track has it’s own Arp -setting ). So eatch KIT contains 4 ARp -settings for it’s 4 tracks.
Every pattern " can " have it’s own KIT ( so four sounds = 4 tracks )
So when the ARp-setting change going from one pattern to another - this means U are using a different KIT for those patterns ( where the Arp-settings are different on the same track )
To solve this you have to - 1 eather use the same KIT for eatch pattern or
- 2 Copy the Arp-settings from the concerning track to the Arp - settings of the same track of the other pattern ( only needed if the following patterns use a different KIT )

u don’t have to type everythig manually as you can do a simple copy-paste.of the settings

Reading this sounds complicated but it’s actually very easy ones u understand the concept… let us know if it’s not clear like this.

Good luck :wink:

Thank you Vos for the reply

I found the solution by record the arp settings (per track) under patterns.

the songs has different arp settings under different kits and tracks, and the play back was triggered by ableton live so it was a pain to switch the arp setting live for different kits and tracks during live performance.

i didnt quite get it at first because all the midi note was sequenced by ableton live (I had 4 channels setup in ableton live and they are sync to the 4 tracks on the A4, didnt know that I could just record the arp setting without keying the notes … so yeah its all good for now ^^ just that I have to switch to match the different pattern and kits.

OK !
I’m not using a daw for at least 2 years now - so I have no idea how to combine with Ableton etc… I’m happy you found a solution. I don’t know what you mean when you say you have to switch. Id would be interesting for me if you could explain… maybe I’ll use a daw again in the future …

Enjoy ! :alien:

Hi Vos

Under ableton live there are scenes for each songs that contains sound clips (audio tracks) and midi tracks, and the way I work is to setup four midi tracks which correspond to the four tracks on the A4, and sometimes the tracks are midi sequenced or being played by hand during live performances depends on the song. So I can have a scene for each song (scene also contains bpm information) it also means there are a lot of program switch to do during song changes, but i found it awesome that I can use A4 for this kind of setup especially it has 4 tracks can be played at the same time ^^

Thanx for explaining :joy: