How to trigger multiple midi channels at once manually

I have OT set up to sequence a Nord Drum 3P. Midi channel 1 for the kick, channel 2 for snare, channel 3 for hat etc.

I thought I’d be able to trigger these simultaneously with the T1-T8 sample/midi trig (Keys 9-16). But I can’t. If I put the trig mode into “chromatic” on the selected midi track (1-6) I can send notes to the Nord Drum fine, but I’d like to be able to enter a beat playing with my fingers multiple drums/channels at once.

The manual says something about “disconnected midi channels”, but I really can’t understand it.

Is there a way for me to hit trig key 9 and have midi track 1 send a note, and then to hit trig key 10 and have midi track 2 send a note? Pretty sure I’ve seen people do this on a digitakt.

Many thanks

These trigs trigger midi tracks in Plays Free mode. You have to set channels, add a trig, and set the track to Plays Free (one shot).

Not sure if its possible to live record these with midi. :thinking:

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Yeah, I am having to rethink. I think I am changing my midi routing around.

I’m right in thinking I can’t live record multiple midi tracks at once, with an external controller? I have an Launchpad Pro Mk3, and I can use components to create a 6 channel drum pad, that sends to channels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 at the same time. I can’t record these concurrently, only in serial, one after the other?

Isn’t their a 1 channel mode with your Nord Drum ? (Different notes)

You can’t record several midi tracks (possible to record several audio tracks, triggering them with notes C2-G2).

But you can trigger and record Midi Plays Free tracks from another midi track, using notes C3-G3.
Try with midi track 1, channel 1, and set Audio Track channel to 1 (MIDI > CHANNELS).

I don’t fully understand what you said, I’ll have to try again.

Yes there is a master channel for the Nord Drum that can play sounds with different notes.

A lot of things to think about here.

EDIT: Let me give an example from my Digitone. I can plug my LP into my DN in. I can swicth to midi on the DN, and hit live record, I can then play finger drums on channels 5, 6, 7, 8 of the LP and midi tracks 1,2,3,4 of the DN will each record one of 5,6,7,8 from the input. So I can live record a sequence. Great.

I can’t figure out IF this even possible on the OT

Why don’t you use it, and play / record a midi track, in chromatic mode ?

I won’t elaborate much if above solution suits you, but basically you can trigger trigger MIDI PLAYS FREE tracks with C3-G3 midi notes.
You can play / record those notes in another midi track. I just tested, it works.

OT is different. In midi mode, you can trigger MIDI Plays Free tracks, but you can’t trigger default track note otherwise.

In audio mode, you can trigger tracks samples AND Plays Free tracks.

Thanks for taking the time. I think I get it.

Hmmm, it is another case where I wonder if Digitakt being different, for me, in this instance, is better, since it can do what I like.

I think because I want the CC controls for a tracks sound design on the same track as the sequence for the track. Also, when I look at a sequence in chromatic mode, I don’t know which trig is a bass drum vs. a snare, but when they have a track each…I do!

EDIT: I’m trying to think of ways to work around it. Right now DN does exactly what I want, but it is way less featureful in terms of the number of tracks, CC, Arp, LFOs etc.

You can use DN and OT…

So far, yup. Ideally I’d be able to ue OT’s midi tracks like DN’s.

I think, though, the best solution today is to use one OT track to record the sequence (using global channel on Nord Drum, as you suggested) and then 6 OT tracks for the sound design params.

Thanks for your help

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