How we gave our friend a MDUW+ for her birthday

Yesterday, we gave our dear friend DJ Shiva a pretty remarkable birthday gift. An Elektron Machinedrum Mk2 UW+

We kept it secret for weeks, using Indiegogo for crowdfunding. A total of 36 people chipped in to make it happen, and as you’ll see in the video, it was more than worth it. She had no clue whatsoever! Thought she was just coming over for birthday cake. She couldn’t even believe it when she unwrapped it, and thought it was just a Machinedrum box with something else inside.

Lisa is a sister to me, and it was such a joy to see her so surprised by the outpouring of love that so many people have for her.

Here’s the video of the surprise:

And here is how we pulled it off:

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What a nice thing to do. You guys rock.

that’s really nice AdamJay …i hope the cake was there anyway :slight_smile:

That.s sooooooo sweet :+1:

Oh yes!
Cake and jam session soon followed!

You’re so nice boys & girls ! She is sooooo Happy !

That’s very cool - we all need friends like this - would love to see a video of you two jammin Elektrons on the dining table :slight_smile:

That is so sweet! I love how she’s all like WTF? WTF? WTF!!! :slight_smile:

Nice! Great idea, great friends. Can’t wait to hear what she makes with it.

Funny thing is, that’s the same reaction I have when I buy an elektron, am expecting it to show up in the mail, and know damn well there is actually a machine in the box. I cry just a little bit

That was amazing. Gave me a nice warm feeling. :joy:

That’s awesome Adam! Lisa is an awesome person!


What lovely mates, and a lovely response.


great idea, mate

nuh uh! NUH UH! :slight_smile:

so nice! you guys are wonderful she’s gonna love that machinedrum :smiley:

Oh man! I wish I had friends like that…or any :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

How great is that!! Nice.

That was my favorite part.
“Nuh Uh!” is not really part of her normal vocabulary. She’s actually an incredibly articulate person, but for that one moment. :slight_smile:

Wow! She is NEVER going to forget this birthday.

We gotta hear her make the “happy birthday” song on the EFM machines :slight_smile:

Heh, sadly she hasn’t even had the chance to play with it yet. We took her up to Chicago for the weekend and just got back.
Now she’s got to broadcast her 2 hour radio mix show SUBterror Radio | DJ Shiva brings you the best techno on … starts in 20 min (5PM Eastern US)
What torture to get such an amazing gift and have to wait days to use it. Hehehe