How would you set up my new set-up?

Hi hello everyone!

I just got myself a model:cycles and an Arturia Microfreak but I’m a total beginner to using hardware…

So i need some veteran help.
How would you connect, sync and manage a set-up existing of the following:

Arturia Microfreak
Model: cycles
Roland FP-10 (to use as a midi-controller?)
Pocket Operator - PO-33
Novation launchkey mini (as a complement to the roland for quick sketches?)
Audio interface: Behringer umc 204hd
Laptop with Ableton live

If you have any ideas, tips or guides how to make the most of this please do share!

Take care and enjoy making sound

Hi, welcome to the forum…

as you are new to hardware, I would recommend to just sit down with ONE piece of hardware, headphones and the manual and explore the device until you are comfortable with it. (enjoy the hardware on the couch without need of computer) :grinning:

after that you will have a better understanding how you want to connect and use the setup together… because there are many possible options for this…


Solid advice! I guess this is the most important.
I am spending more or less all of my free time with the cycles right now, it’s so much fun.

I guess I’m just eager to start recording, but as you say I probably am getting a bit ahead of myself. If you were to do a sort of chain of it, how would you start out?

since microfreak and m:c have their own sequencers and no audio in, it doesnt really matter, in which order you connect them.

you could try to connect a midi keyboard to m:c and if that works, connect the freak to the m:c via midi and control both on different channels from the midi keyboard…

also try to sync pattern changes on both and time / start/stop sync via midi…

you could do this with midi cables without a computer, or via usb with computer… so it depends on how you wanna work… you may have to try all options :grinning:

so adding even a second device adds complexity to the simple hardware and makes it less streamlined…

for audio recording you can use usb audio with cycles and your soundcard to record main out from freak…

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One of my favorite workflow setups was when I had just started using MIDI after years of just DAW stuff (Reason and Logic).

I sent MIDI to my DAW (via MIDI capable keyboard - for me it was either velocity capable Ensoniq ESQ1 or velocity static Juno 106). That MIDI was also usually triggering some patch either on the keyboard (synth) itself or another piece of gear. I then sent that MIDI out again for recording. I just kept layering and building tracks like that.

Ultimately, I think you need to decide, 1. Do you want a simple step by step workflow like that above, or 2. Do you want to jam all the gear live…? If #2 you probably need a mixer or an interface that will accomodate all your gears’ outputs. Even a cheap mixer will do if it’s in decent condition.

Good luck! You have some awesome gear! Now it’s time to jam and be productive! :sunglasses:


Thank you for the replies! I will start experimenting as soon as I feel comfortable with the devices!

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