I built a crazy battery powered Octatrack and Virus box, and just recorded my first jam on it

I built this thing a couple of weeks ago, after a while of planning, and acquiring both the boxes to go in it. Hadn’t owned an OT or Virus previously, so am still getting used to the new workflow and finding out how to work with it. Am absolutely loving it so far - now I’m getting a bit more familiar with the OT it’s starting to become really great fun.

This track starts off as a sort of cheesy 90s R&B thing, which descends into some abrasive experimental half time stuff.

Not doing anything particularly showy-offy on the OT as I’m still new to it.

Also, the artwork in the bottom right was generated in javascript using a p5.js sketch I wrote, which creates artwork from audio files based on various data such as amplitude peaks and duration.


What mixer are you using the on the left? I’m having a devil of a time trying to figure out a new mixer/interface for my setup. I’m leaning toward a mixer, but can’t narrow it down.

It’s just a cheap Beringer xenyx one. Cost about £40 for 10 channels. It’s noisy as hell but it does the job.

Awesome custom box! Well done, pal!
Nice jam too!

Thanks mate, much appreciated!

Thanks - I was considering a Xenyx for a low-cost solution, but not if it’s going to be so noisy it’ll give me fits. I’m not in a huge hurry, so I guess I should save up for that MOTU…

It’s ok most of the time, but it distorts quite easily, and not in a nice way, meaning you have to really watch the levels. too low, though, and then you suffer the noise floor. for £40 its a no brainer, but yeah, i’ve been meaning to upgrade for ages for that reason.

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