I can not see my digitakt on my MacBook pro

Hi people. I’m pretty new to this sort of thing so this could be something silly and me being a newbie but i’ve Connect my digitakt to my MacBook Pro and it isn’t seeing it. I’ve been through all the preferences and it does not come up as a midi device or a usb device of any type in fact when I blur it in via usb it does nothing at all. I have other devices I.e. an also touch and a Roland tb-03 and ideally i’d Like them all to work with my Logic Pro. I have downloaded all the software from the electron site and installed it all but still see nothing via usb. Can anybody help me please, thanks very very much in advance.


Overbridge is not available until Feb’ 2018 according to the Elektron website though you can use the Sample Transfer software to upload new samples to it.

OS can also be updated now via C6 / midi. Can’t remember which method I used.

Hope this helps.

Will I be able to use overbridge to connect the digitakt to Logic via the usb cable?

Eventually, yes. For now though we’re all sat waiting. Exciting new tech, isn’t it? :sweat_smile:

Are you trying to control VSTs via the Digitakt or was raysage correct in presuming that you were trying to use Overbridge?

You should still be able to midi control software instruments using the Digitakt. Just make sure USB in the digitakt is set for Midi and then align your channels in Logic/DT to match per how you want to control things.

Edit: perhaps he’s talking about the Transfer tool- in which case you might need to go to Audio/Midi Setup and refresh the connections to see if the computer is even aware of that


Oh yes. It came yesterday and I spent about 3 hours on it just working out the basics and can’t wait till the kids are in bed tonight!

I will have another look at the midi set up on the digitakt tonight but i’ll be honest,i’ve never used midi befor and both my akai touch and tb-03 both connected through usb and showed up in logic as an instrument straight away. I’ve had a look in all my audio preferences including logic and it doesn’t show anywhere, it’s as if it’s not plugged in (cable works fine). I could easily be missing something simple but I don’t really know what to look for.

Yeah, what you’re wanting needs Overbridge. Currently USB does midi only. Audio through USB is gonna require Overbridge. February is the expected release window.



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I’m also having trouble getting the OverbrIdge Control Panel to recognise my Digitakt.
I’ve upgraded the Digitakt to 1.11 BETA6
I’ve set the DT to Overbridge Mode
I don’t see any new VST plugins in my folder
I’m running OS X 10.10 on my MacPro 5,1 (2010) 2.93 GHz

Anything else I need to do?

Thanks - downloading/installing OSX 10.12 right now.

Have you solved this problem? I have installed Overbridge, and can see my DT and A4MK1 there, but not in Live. I have upgraded to10.12…

have the same problem:
os 10.14.4…
digitakt with 11.1 beta6 and overbridge mode on…
in usb mode transfer recognizes my dt but overbridge control panel can’t see anything :confused:

any solutions for this??

would be glad about help!

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Overbridge 2.0.11
DAW Support
This version will work best with Ableton Live . But other DAWs will be supported as the beta progresses.
AU plugins are not yet available , so if Logic is your DAW of choice, use the standalone version to record with and then import the tracks manually to Logic. Or select the unit as your audio interface. Or use an aggregated device.

I have spend the last 2 hours trying to get the digitakt to connect to my mac(10.14.4) in overbridge mode. I initially thought that the osx version was the issue but the problem was caused by a blocked driver.
massornament created a detailed guide to resolve the connection issue. The guide can be found @

Original message:
I’m experiencing the same problem, I’m using osx 10.14.4
Any news on a solution or workaround?

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