I’d swap my AR for an OT 8 stereo output expander

…or at least a leg or kidney. Just sayin.

OT 8 stereo output expander ?

There is a great one : 3 more OT !



Deal! Where do we meet for the swap?

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You have 6 AR ? :smile:
I think I have enough anyway.




how :?

Seriously, would it even be remotely possible to create something that could export each tracks audio stream? All you geniuses out there - yes or no?



Yes. 8 recorders. 8 tracks at the same time, around 8x1 min max with 16 bit (8m29s for 1 track, without Flex slots), or less tracks and save, or use arranger to automate recordings.

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Ah, yes - I’ve seen this great advice from you earlier and will need to try it sometime, but my workflow is to run the dark trinity and friends through a Midas Analog mixer before going in as separate tracks in Logic.

I understand I could possibly do as you describe and then save all eq, etc to mix stage but I fear it will be quite a lot of hands-on to manage the files and then get them synced in the arrangement.

BUT, you still made me think an extra time around this…we’ll see, will try and see how it feels. :happy: :thup:

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Problem would be that the OT probably won´t supply the 8 stereo audio streams at easy-to-grab solder joints on the PCB as I suspect (! purely speculating here !) that it does all the routing/summing in software…

so a “direct out”-mod is probably a no-no… or at least not as easily done as we might imagine it.

But if someone figures out that there are traces on the board that carry audio for individual tracks, then it might be possible without modifying software.

So who´s up for voiding some warranties, huh? :wink:

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For that price I prefer a 2nd OT.

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