I made a dub

I hope it helps you relax and attain spiritual wellness. Or at least give you something trippy to look at for 7 minutes and 12 seconds. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Audio is here:

Wow, 2001 stargate sequence redux :slight_smile: Really enjoyed the track too, felt uplifting.

Great track, thanks for sharing…

WOW - This is a great take on dub techno - the video was a good match too! May I ask which machines you used for this?

@dubathonic thanks very much! I took a high speed video of the Yurikamome line that goes out from Yurakucho to Odaiba, then I fed it into Magic (www.colorandmusic.com) for that ‘Oh my God, it’s full of stars’ look :slight_smile:

@Y-NE Thanks! Glad you liked it.

@poonti Thank you! The video is controlled by the music. I’m still learning the software so I hope I can achieve full synesthesia soon! I used the A4 and the OT on this. Additionally IIRC I had a Jomox T-Resonator set up as an effects bus on the OT.

dig it!

good dub!

This is really great. Thanks!

Loving this a ton. Thanks for the inspiration.

Very nice dubby track!

Wow! Lots of lovely sounds on display here, and it’s moving very well indeed as well. Great work! :slight_smile:

Sorry for the late reply - I was away on holiday for a bit. @pinkbabyhead @tasmansea @jamrod @barfunkel @needles_13 @daisuk thanks very much!!!

Oooo missed this. dribbly dubby bubblyness. Very nice indeed.

:+1: Very nice indeed

@nedavine @housecliche - thanks a lot!

Nice effects watching it on hd tv really looks great nice spacey track to

@tjebbestorm thanks a lot! I highly recommend Magic for visuals - it’s really easy to use too.