I need a new Midi Keyboard Controller

I was thinking of either buying the NI Kontrol S61 (and eventually buying the Komplete 11 when on sale)
or getting a Waldorf Blowfeld.


My current setup
Analog Four
DeepMind 12d
Roland D-50 (current Midi Controller)
Roland @Juno 2
Kurzweil K2000RS


Following as this is on my rader as well (maybe a S49 MkII though)

Edit: I’m only interested in the NI Kontrol for the integration. It’s a steep price for a midi keyboard; so just loitering to see what peeps might say.


Both feature the lovely Fatar keybed, you cant really go wrong with either. Another option is seeking out a novation sl mkii line keyboard, they have 49 key and 61 key versions that make for lovely master keyboards, as they also use the beautiful Fatar keys. Another option still is the roland a-500 or a-800, which are very fully featured midi master keyboards, with aftertouch as well.

Blofeld has the perk of being a really great synth (if you like its sounds), con is it has basically zero knobs or faders to use as a master controller.

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Blofeld Keyboard is just as good as NI Kontrol. Just 49 instead of 61. Blofeld is but rather heavy and bulky in Size. NI Kontrol light weight and better less bulky looking. I never liked the Touch Strips. At the end i Sold both and i have now 2x Arturia Keystep plus Keylab Essential 49. Enough for my hobbyist requirements. If you primarily want Komplete 11 plus a good Keyboard…Go NI Kontrol.
Regarding the Blofeld Sound… nothing that cant a good modern Softsynth also do.


Have you got chops on keys? That scale light up feature can be a big deal if you’re not already a trained pianist so it’s got that over other keyboards. Not sure if you’re a player or a programmer though. Heard nothing but good things about the blo keys. if you don’t mind using software though you can probably get most of not all those sort of sounds with a computer. I’ve got the maschine mk3 and I quite enjoy the touch strip. Gotta say from the build of the maschine I’ve got good faith in NI hardware, the thing looks and feels great


How do you like the keystep? I’m pondering picking one up as I have limited “studio” space at the moment and it looks like this might also travel well.

Its fabulous! The Key Action is OK for the price, but Midi Out via USB and DIn, the dead easy to use Sequencer as well as CV/Gate Out in that Compact Format is simply great. My biggest complain are the two Touchstrips and that Arturia didnt include the AC Adapter. I use now an Amazon Standard USB AC Adapter when in standalone use.

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I’m wanting the Komplete Kontrol myself. But I’m hoping for an S88 mk2 before I set my course.

I NEED that Hammer Action piano feel- I got a Williams Allegro 2+ digital piano- but it’s the worst feeling hammer action I’ve ever come across.


The midiplus 61 key controller is really cool AND really cheap(touchpads though- but dependable and REALLY cheap!)

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On the plus side for the blofeld, it is reputed to have a nice keybed (I own the module). I believe the blofeld keyboard has polyphonic aftertouch. Plus it has the synthesizer.

On the negative side, as someone above pointed out, there are not a lot of knobs/faders etc.

But then again, I haven’t seen many key controllers out there that look interesting to me.

I decided to go for the S61. Thanks everyone. :slight_smile:


no polyphonic aftertouch. The novation launchpad pro does have polyphonic aftertouch.

The Blo keyboard doesn’t transmit polyphonic aftertouch? I thought I read somewhere that it did.

I only have the module, so I wasn’t sure. Both the module and the keyboard receive it.

Yes i read that too but the Keyboard only sends monophonic Aftertouch. I had one long enough.