Iconnect midi +4 opinions

On paper this box does everything I want. Anyone have any issues with elektron gear and the +4? Or any problems in general?

No problems at all. I use it to sync my OP-1 to my elektron gear. It is a very high quality midi router and interface. I have it as my main midi hub. I send midi from my OT to the iconnect midi4 then out to the A4 AR OP-1 and computer also I have a midi keyboard going into the iconnect. I have never had any issues.

I love mine! I had the ICM OG workds better. It has audio playthough for USB which I don’t use, but might come in handy. I have 2 A4s, 1 AR, 1 OT, and assorttments of synths from time to time going through it. I have left it on since I got it and it has never hicupped yet.

have it, love it… no issues… wrote a mini review on GS


The 4+ is like the swiss army knife for midi, but there is one issue that I have had that I would like to pass along. It has to do with the “Host Port” on the back of the unit. It is for connecting a USB class compliant device (keyboard controller) or a midi hub to.

The problem I am having is that when I connect a USB midi foot controller or any controller that has just button and knobs, the 4+ does not recognize the device. I know I am not the only one experiencing this issue as I saw a post from another user on their Facebook page describing the same situation.

I have a ticket open with their technical support (which has been good up to this point) and hope they will be able to address the issue with a firmware update soon.

Other than that, the routing possibilities inside of the iConfig software are insanely cool!

Well that’s exactly what I want it for

To plug in : midi controller, launchpad, sub phatty, slim phatty, OT, a4 and another sensor thingy all via USB oh and the ipad
And anushri, ambika, shruthi via midi

I just need a hub to connect all that shit together. And I’m going modular in the next couple of months.

I’m just about to hit buy but I need to be sure it’s con a work

And please tell me it’ll charge my ipad3 otherwise it’s all bust as it lasts about 20 mims on battery

Yes one of the usb ports can power and charge the ipad 3 with the supplied usb type B to apple 30 pin cable

Thanks guys should be here by the end of the week

There are 3 usb ports on the on the ICM4+ 2 in front one in back. the two in front one is high amp power and the other has low amp power. so for example one port will charge an iPad and the other will not, but bother will charge an iPhone. the port on the back does not deliver power.

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Hi Bc3,
Have you been contacted with a solution/fix ? We are really interested in their products but would need it to work with controllers like the Novation Zero SLMKII or Livid Controllers

No, unfortunately I have not heard back from iConnectivity since last Thursday (6/19/14). Really hope I hear back from them with a solution as this is one of the main reasons I purchased the 4+ in the first place. I know I cannot be the only one experiencing this issue so hopefully they are working on it. They have been great with other tech support questions and always are quick to reply. I’m crossing my fingers that no reply yet means they are working on a solution!

Like I said before, other than this issue the interface is awesome! I’ll keep everyone posted and update this thread as soon as I hear back from them.

So for instance you couldn’t plug a launchpad or a push , is that right? I’d be really unhappy about that as I’ve ordered one!

AFAIK you’ll be out of luck with the Launchpad - it is not a class compliant USB device, which is why (on Win / Mac) a driver is required before it will work.

That’s the original Launchpad anyway, not sure if it’s been update since (mine is a few years old).

Push I would assume is class compliant since it’s relatively new.


I think one of the selling points of the Launchpad S and Mini is that they can be used with iOS, so you should be good if you have one of those.

The problem with the launchpad is that it’s not bus powered - and this is a USB midi host so it should work for sure. It’s a gen one. That’s what all the filtering and routing is all about yes?

Yeah, the newer Launchpad S is class compliant so it should work fine.
It’s the original Launchpad that won’t.

But doesn’t ios7 or ios8 fix this though. I’ll have a dig around

The OS wouldn’t matter if the device needs drivers to operate (ie, not class compliant).

My opinion is that if you can plug any midi controller into your computer and it recognizes the device, the same should be true plugging the device into the 4+. If this is not the case, they have mislead folks stating that any USB class compliant device will work with the 4+.

Although discussion about this issue on the Elektron forum is good, I would suggest maybe other folks on this thread open a ticket on iconnectivity.com to voice our concerns. Unfortunately iConnectivity does not have a forum. Hopefully the more people they know that are having issues will escalate their response. Thanks!