iConnect midi4+ VS mio4?

anyone familiar with the differences? there used to be a compare on their website that’s no longer up.
from what I gather the only difference is that the 4+ has USB audio through? (which I cannot see to be of any benefit for me)…

what I’m trying to achieve is more midi I/O plus a USB host to use my OP-1 to sequence and receive midi…
any insight? i own the original iConnect midi with 2xmidi 1xUSB and I wonder if i could even chain them up?


cheers - as comprehensive as I could have wished for. thank you!

Here’s the doc that I wish I would’ve read before deciding which one I needed.


Reading this chart may lead one to believe that the mio2 can only be powered by USB, but in the mio2 manual it states the following:

  1. Connect your MIDI devices and/or an additional Mac or PC to the interface. Your interface can also operate stand-alone without a computer as long as you provide power on USB Device Jack 2 using a USB charger source or powered hub.

Lesson learned is, also read the manual before buying. :slight_smile: