Ideas for a mono synth to compliment the sounds of the analog four mk2


I’m looking to purchase the analog four mk2 as my central synth for my setup as a multi voice synth and it’s flexibility being key. I’m also looking for a recommended monosynth to accompany it. I was thinking of the Make Noise 0 Coast but wanted to get some thoughts. Looking to spend about £500 on the monosynth after the analog four.


Have a look at Treadstone by Analogue Solutions. It’s due to be released shortly, sounds great in the demos and costs £499. :slight_smile:


Really. I can’t recommend A4 + 0-coast enough.
Amazing synth, amazing combo.


Great thanks. I will take a look at the treadsone. How about the Dreadbox next or mother 32?

Nyx I meant blame auto correct.


My future setup will consist of a 0-Coast (have it) Behringer Model D (preordered) and the A4 MK2 when I can afford one, this is my plan.

These should hopefully be enough!

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Oh that’s nice!
And that coffee table is the nuts

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Haha I’ll keep your secret safe!

That’s well expensive for a coffee table,isn’t it?! Or am I just a skinflint when it comes to occasional furniture?

You may wish to wait until the Behringer D synth hits the streets.

The silver Monologue is incredibly cheap atm, but afaik it doesn‘t take CV in.

You might be interested in the mfb dominion club !
It’s small, in your price range, and sounds great according to demos…

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0Coast all the way. Totally different sounds than the A4 and you can control it via the CV outs on the A4. It’s a glorious synth.

2 cvs for sequencing, 2 for lfo’s, envelopes or p-locks. really great

The SE-02 would also complement the A4 really nicely and it has CV inputs as well as its own little sequencer.

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Entirely depends on what sounds you want to make.

What sounds do you want to make?

The se02 is too small and the knobs too close together for my liking.

I’m looking for a base from a monosynth to drive the a4. Certainly one the at least has a Moog influence but that can also be quite experimental

Have you tried it? I initially dismissed it on the same grounds, but found that the knob placement is actually perfectly fine for me. And I do have big hands.

It sounds very “Moogy”, but in a more flexible Studio Electronics kind of way. :slight_smile:



Having just gotten my A4 setup to sequence my MS-20 mini, I’d have to say…whatever you choose…you’ll be doing your self a disservice not choosing something semi-modular that’ll let you take advantage of the A4’s sequencer. Getting my combo working has been like getting a whole new synth for a holiday gift!

BTW, I really like the sound of the MS20 and A4 together.


Hey, could please explain what kind of advantages you have when pairing these two together? I’m new to semi modular synths, currently own a 0-Coast and I wonder, what kind of stuff are possible when connecting an A4 with semi modular gear?