IDM: Harmonic Synthesizer, Prophet 08, Machinedrum

This is actually a live take with 8 parallel sequencers – Took me all day !

The sound is from Jiggery Pokery’s Harmonic Synthesizer RE (a very nice emulation of the very rare mid 70ies RMI Harmonic Synthesizer), layered with a DSI Prophet 08, and drums from a Machinedrum (SPS-1).

love the rhythms! It took me a while to find where the 1 of the beat was :smiley: I kinda love when that happens—usually in IDM tracks.

Nice work!

What do you mean by 8 parallel sequencers ?
The synth is trigered by 8 different sequencers at the same moment ?

beautiful, loved the melodies. curious as well about what you meant regarding the sequencing.

Thanks everyone for taking a listen and the kind words !

The story about the parallel sequencers is that I created a kind of modular sequencer system (in software).
Each sequencer “node” can be controlled separately (time signature, pattern selection, mutes, and a ton of other features).

This track uses 8 of these “nodes”. Each one is controlled via MIDI, i.e. there’s no predefined timeline – everything is arranged “live”.

I made this just for practice and this track only uses a very small subset of the available sequencer features.

The main objective was to demo the softsynth, which sounds very nice in my opinion.

Last but not least, making this reassured me that the Machinedrum really is an amazing drum synth (it’s being sequenced via MIDI in this track).