Imported samples unfortunately pitched down

Dear All,

I am trying to import samples in the Flash card. They come from my Cakewalk sequencer, i.e. I play a note in the sequencer and export a .wav file in the octatrack (for example a piano note that is E).
But when I listen to the sample once imported in an Octatrack slot, the note seems to be pitched down.
I try to edit the sample and change its original tempo: sometimes I get the original note (what I played in the sequencer), sometimes I can’t (a lower note). It depends on the sample, but I can’t understand why.
I think it is a matter of tempo, size or other sample criteria.
Could you please help me?
I am a beginner. If I am not wrong, I did not find any topic strictly similar to this one here.
Thank you a lot for your help.

The Octatrack works at a 44.1 kHz sample rate. If you are trying to use 48 kHz samples (which is a common format for samples) they will sound pitched down.

Try exporting your .wav files at 44.1 kHz and see if that fixes it.


Seems to work properly now!
Thank you a lot.


Hi All,

I got an additional question.
It seems that most of my samples work properly, after the import, thanks.
Nevertheless, one sample (a keyboard layer) sounds as it were “trembling” when the song is played (sounds like a kind of aquatic sound).
Note that it sounds great when I press “Function” + “Enter/Yes” in the machine sample list…
Do you have any idea?
Thank you!
PS: As usual, the sample was created in a software with a virtual keyboard, then saved, then imported to the OT.

Sounds like the typical timestretch artefact. Try turning tinestretch off, or perhaps forcing it to Norm will sound better.

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Thank you, it seems to work fine now!
I turned it off (it was on “Norm”).