In OB mode is it possible to process both ext audio and ITB Vstis at the same time?

O.k before I get this box I wanted to check to see if it’s possible to route external audio from my OT into the AH and then into my DAW, whilst the AH processes sound from a vsti (for example Zebra 2) - all at the same time?

Here is a list of the things I want the AH to do…

  1. Record from the OT into a DAW adding warmth and analog sparkle.
  2. Record vsts within the DAW adding sparkle and that analog drive - to the point where something like Zebra 2/Diva/ Reaktor sounds indistinguishable from an analog synth.
  3. Sound design out of the box where I mangle individual samples in the OT and record back into the OT. Create massive bass…
  4. Connect the world of outboard gear with ITB recording whilst matching ITB sounds with OTB sounds with the AH acting as the glue on the master bus.

I think this is pretty much it and it would be great if all of these things are possible. Love to hear your feedback and merry Christmas.

IIUC you can only route the OT or the VST into the rpocessorj, not both at the same time. As for your numbered questions:

  1. Should be possible
  2. I am not 100% sure adding analog saturation and and filtering will make plugins sound “indistinguishable from analog synths” but yeh possible
  3. Yeah! Adding bass with the HPF and eq, should work nicely, just don’t go OTT heh
  4. Hmm not sure if the heat can add that “glue” effect, YMMV. At least not the kind of glue I hear with something like SSL G series bus comp emus or UAD Ampex ATR102

Ahh so you can’t use the AH in OB mode as a plugin effect (say on the master bus) at the same time as processing incoming external audio?

After much thought and lots of GAS’ing I’m going to pass on the AH.

FYI, you can process both external inputs and DAW audio at the same time, by setting the options to ‘IN’ in settings.

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Aha…o.k…so it is possible. Octatrack into DAW via AH, plus vst going through AH and recording all of that in Ableton.

How can that be ? There must be four analog circuits then (jack input left/right and Overbridge left/right).
If this is true, can I get a version of AH without OB for half the price ?
They cost $1150 aud down under :earth_asia:

The processing isn’t independent - the overbridge audio sends are processed with the same settings as the external audio inputs

So basically it’s summing all ins (ext and vst) and then that single audio stream is being boosted/modulated.

Got it.