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Which Sempler do you recommend to use with Octa Track mk2?! Please tell us why, too! Vintage products are good, too. mpc2000 or sp404 and more…

Why not use the Octatrack to sample?


I recently got an SP-404 mk2 to complement the OT because the FX are a little tastier and you can finger drum on on the 404 and loop that on the OT. Velocity sensitive pads are a different vibe than buttons.


I need a add option

oh mk2 is good? I wanna more detail review :wink:

Fair enough, I waited months for the 404 to show up and I am still in the honeymoon phase. Let me do some more analysis and I will report any heretofore unanticipated anomalies and synergies. :man_scientist:

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For me, koala.
Why? I already had the ipad. Koala is cheap , has polyphonic playback, and a bunch of other stuff the OT isnt so hot at. I haven’t used it much so far, but for certain jobs, winner.


…for me, there’s only one other hardware sampler concept that rules and rox…a mpc running jjos…

ot, with all it’s ways of use and tricks, based on THE stepsequencer…
mpc, with it’s timeless fingerdrumming pad concept, classic way of sampling, based on a four tracker like easy to grasp rocksolid supertightest hardware sequencer out there to find…

these two and nothing else…
with all the rest, ur way off better with software solutions…


As expected, the result is 404 vs. MPC. thanks!

thanks bro!!

oh nice idea thanks

What kind of sampling do you want to be doing with a second box?

Is a second OT a crazy idea? A Digitakt can pair very well with an OT depending on what you want from it.

But yea 404 or MPC can’t go wrong :slight_smile:

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nice! but I wanna another system I think it’s more fun thanks bro!

okok 404mk2 vs Mpc One. what your choice?
of cours center is OT

Koala wins. Honestly mate, give it a look. Its so cheap. Worth a shot even if you dont like it. Get the full samurai version, worth the extra cash.


…while, with all respect, any 404, even the latest, is nothing but the toy version of a mpc…
one is just another nice hw gadget to have, the other a full fledged hw music instrument…
one gives u nice sound snippet manipulation and puzzle together ur first little remix results with heaps of groundnoise, while the other leads u to sharpened and complex arrangements ready for final mixdown…

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I would say s2400 or sp404.


I have an MPC500, I prefer it than the SP555 I had (same as SP404), because of multi layer…

I’d be interested in a smaller sampler with multisamples, like the Beat Squeezer, which doesn’t seem produced anymore…

MPC500 Sequenced by OT :

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Second hand SP-404OG/SX/A would be a nice addition if you can’t get your hands on a MKII.

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I’ve been enjoying using the 1010 Blackbox as companion for Octatrack. I’m about to trade it out of my live rig and try a Digitakt for a bit though. There’s only one way to find out :0)

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