Incorporating OT into existing DT, DN Setup

Just plug one Takt into the OT, get that working.
Learn 1 Thru track, and make some Scenes for FX.
Learn 1 midi track, what it does and what’s absolutely necessary for you.
Then learn to add a few Neighbor Tracks to add more effects, and more complex scenes.
Muck around and make mistakes on purpose, figure out what and why things are laid out the way they are.

Once you understand that, it’ll be a cinch to add both Takts, and how you want to dial in your setup.

Pattern changes too ?

2nd step is audio. You can use DIR AB/CD, and record AB/CD, Master track Fx are applied to DIR AB/CD.
This way you save 2 tracks.

You can use Thru tracks as mentioned, but you can also use recorders and Flex machines, which is deeper (Thru is limited, Flex allows SRC/Playback page plocks.)

Pattern changes are not working. I have Program Change send in OT and receive on DTs, so not sure why.

Pattern changes are now working. My last step before working on tracks is utilizing my Keystep through OT through DT to control DN1 and DN2