Inhuman_nature_m8_test - M8 Tracker Demo by ghostwerk

one of the funnest ways to learn a new tracker is by covering or remixing a favorite track of yours so i did a two for one:

this is a loose remake/interpretation of J Dilla’s “Inhuman Nature” instrumental which samples Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature” made with the M8 Tracker

i made myself an 8bit mono version of a section of “Human Nature” and used the SLICE parameter set to 16 along with detuning the sample to approximate how it was chopped in the J Dilla version, alongside the included SLICE112 drumkit included with the M8

i also used the “monowave” sample for the little synth line

played and recorded live into bitwig


That was cool. I’m late in finding out about the M8 Tracker, but it really looks like a well-designed unit. The screen seems awfully small, but that’s based on looking at pictures on instagram, on my phone screen. ha.

That was really cool. First time I see “tracker” and “Dilla” in the same sentence lol.

Enjoyed that, good work! I’ve not got as far as figuring out the slice modes yet. Still too busy playing about with the various synth modes.

I’ve been really impressed with how well designed it is. The screen is excellent - really crisp resolution but with the slightly retro fonts you get a sort of hi-def view of the past.