Input LR


Can we monitor a synth through input L & R while playing a patten ?
Can the input L & R can be use as two mono input ?
Can we send the input to delay and reverb ?

In fact the same features that the input of the analog four.


Yes you can monitor.
No you can´t send effects to the input.

Slight hijack, when recording lr together does that record a stereo that only plays out mono. I doubt it but just wondering if all samples are dithered to mono or not.?

they are summed to mono.



No send to delay and reverb!!!

What a pity.

Can I use the L+R inputs as a stereo audio thru? Or will the live monitoring be summed to mono? Would like to monitor an incoming stereo signal while the digitakt is in action. Thanks!

Apparently even monitored audio thru is summed to mono :zonked:

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Was considering DT as a small audio interface till these details emerged.
Wonder if this can be rectified in an OS update?

Hope so. I just ordered one to fill in the gaps my OT doesn’t have enough tracks for. Feel like the OT+Digi combo will be killer but now I’ve got to rethink things a bit. :smile_cat:


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I don’t think thats right, audio thru is stereo afaikt

Twice I’ve heard now from users that a stereo signal is summed to mono when monitored?
I took that as the case?
Don’t have one to check obviously.

Maybe @LyingDalai can confirm, once and for all.

I recal my monitor being stereo as well.

Tested and confirmed.
Monitoring is summed.
Coherent with the display L+R


Thanks, so I presume this stereo input signal will appear in the proposed OB as summed mono also?

You should not presume too much. DT is really barebones so far.
I wonder what is coming. Inputs has been said to may evolve. Such has continuous monitoring for instance.
No way to know what we will get once OB is here.
But I’ve always been happier by sticking to present :smiley:

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OB release and functionality will be interesting

So why the heck does this have to be so top secret; whether or not the DT will eventually be useable as a stereo soundcard with OB? I just assumed it would. If it’s not, it should be clear, and not misleading.

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