Inputs Levels

Hi Everyone,

When I run my AR L/R outputs into the Octatrack Input A/B or C/D pairs, the volume level is considerably lower than if I was to run it directly to my mixer. In order to reach similar volume levels, I have to boost the input A/B volume to +64, and then I can either adjust the track volume or add a little compression with the gain about 10.

I have the volume knob of the AR set to 12 o clock and I have some modest compression settings. I’ve tried pumping thing up on the AR compression side of things, as well as adjusting the volume knob higher but at some point things start to get a bit distorted.

While this might not be an actual problem (it sounds great with the settings I’m using), I’m just wondering if this is normal behavior? The same thing is happening if I run an A4 into the OT inputs as well. I’ve never really noticed it since I picked up the other devices recently.

When this happens do you have the volume still at 64?

What are your settings in the mixer page on the OT?

Gain staging on the OT :rolling_eyes:

Things start to get distorted when the AR volume knob gets turned towards full clock wise. The volume is not at 64 around that time.

The OT mixer has everything set at +0.

Seems like I get the cleanest sound on the A4 and AR when their volume knobs are at 12 o clock, so I’m adjusting things from there, the part that is throwing me off a bit is that my external mixer levels seem to be much higher than the OT at unity.

I just linked back to this on another current thread … worth pondering the implications

Hit the mixer, read the threads (there are tons) and try lots of different gain combos (there are also tons…especially when sampling). It (should) eventually work for you.

I use the mixer to establish a signal right below clipping (this came over from the instructions for sampling into the ASR10) or in the yellow and then use the the VOL and track level in conjunction.

Thanks. This is very helpful. At least knowing that I’m not the only one that has to boost the inputs to max lets makes me feel much better lol.

So you are watching the lights on the OT to establish levels below clipping, or are you referring to an external mixer?

The lights on the OT, yes. I set the gain to ensure the signal never goes into the red. That way you can gain structure the original signal to your tastes. I approach mixing in the OT using VOL and Track levels. Track levels are usually left until last as you will then have consistency using the XVOL with scenes.

I should mention that I am somewhat new to the OT myself and there might be others who have better strategies. I have yet to have an issue approaching it this way, FWIW.