Integrate A4 with the OT, tips, tricks, guide?

Using the OT with my alt-rock band and just get an A4 to the kit, and seriously thinking to go just with the OT & A4.

Is there any guide or thread about how to make work this two machines together? Like Merlin’s OT guide or something?

I was sequencing external synths with the OT, so using the A4 as a sound module seems the way to use my old projects. But can also sequence again on the A4 if this is worth.

As always lot of questions with a new Elektron machine, and i hope a lot of fun.

Thanks in advance.

there are different way to use OT with A4.
sync them is nice because you can plock on the A4 and change the A4 pattern with OT.
here is my configuration:
on OT
Projec->midi control->control audio cc out =int
-> audio note out =int
Project->midi->sync->transp send on
->clock send on
->prog send on
->ch =9

on the A4:

Global->midi config->midi sync->midi clock receive on
->transport receive on
->prog ch receive on

Global->midi config->midi channels->auto channel off
->prog ch in ch =9

and voilà.

Thanks afroglitch, friday is our last gig for some time and hope to have time to dive into this machines…

I use the a4 as a master with chain mode on. This way i can keep jamming in a arranger-ish style with both a4 & OT. This works at the moment for me.

More than the sync options I need to put my head into how to put in order in both machines.

For example, on the OT when working with my rock band I use a set, and inside this set a project for each song. Each one arranged with different patterns. Since we stop between songs and I don’t use OT on all that songs it’s no problem the stop and load a new project.

Now i need to dig on the A4 because Kits, Patterns and Song storage work on a different way. How do you like to make this work??

Thanks again.

I’m having some sync (or whatever) troubles when using old midi tracks with the A4. If playing with the synth they where programmed the arp is tight and works well but when using the A4 the arp makes some random “glitches” …
Any idea on this please?