Intense love for DigiTone / DigiTakt form factor

Hi all,

I’m new to the Elektron universe,

So I recently purchased a Rytm MK2 and then a month later a Digitone.
I took to the sequencers quite easily and fell in love with PLocks, Conditionals etc.


after taking ownership of my DigiTone, I really fell in love with the smaller layout of the box. Some real magic there just noodling with my black box buddy on the couch.

long story short…within 2 days I returned the Rhythm for a DigiTakt. That small layout is just awesome to me.




For me It’s not only the smaller form factor. I also prefer the easier & faster interface and the reduced/more focused functionality :slight_smile:


yup yup.


Yup I agree too, interested to see the next Digi box will be…


Here here! Something about that smaller package just fills my fingers with a sense of whimsy!

I dunno- the lack of arm movement is just really inviting to me- it makes all the parameters just FEEL really immediate and I feel that much closer to the music.

Glad you’re enjoying your Elektrons!


lol re/ thread title … although i haven’t yet tried one of the compact form factor instruments, i totally appreciate the form design and the option to mount them on Vesa template monitor stands.

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There is something about digital engines, encoders, MIDI sequencing, pixel graphics and Elektron that just works. :ecstatic:

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cabin baggage enthusiasts rejoice!


yea interested too but, I kinda am having a hard time figuring out what would make sense… I guess another synth unit would make sense but it seems like the digitone has much room to grow maybe? Maybe not new machines though as it seems like they are trying to incorporate both VA and FM in to one engine… still people are maybe craving the SID and the VO stuff from the monomachine. I just think a SID only box or a VO only box just doesn’t have a big enough market these days on its own. Maybe something that focuses more on westcoast synthesis? Elektrons current line up does feel pretty complete to me though with maybe the analog heat needing a little face lift and maybe some more fx built in?


A digital fx powerhouse.
6in 2out
8 tracks of programable fx engines with plock seq and song mode.
Even better if it supported OB2 protocol like Roland MX1. 4 USB in for OB2 enabled Elektron devices.


A synthesis based drum machine based on the machine drum with updated engines, sequencer,and fx.


Wavetable and granular synth with importable userwaves and zplane filter, granular sample rate and speed. Sample cloud size and density. Offset value on grain speed rates to create rich and moving swarms of granular synth sounds


A 4 or 6 track stereo looper with pickup machines and auto slicing and sequencer for sequencing the slices realtime including pitch, direction, retrigg, pan, fx send, loop (like a hardware monome mlrv)


Physical modelling acoustic synthesis with arpeggios, scales, fx, and audio input triggers to trigger the engines. Play the synths from audio inputs like guitars or other synths. Fx like resonators and filter banks on each physical modelling engine

I would buy any of the above :laughing::ok_hand:


This especially would be up my alley. Wavetables need to make a serious comeback, and this form factor is much more attractive than a huge workstation.


You should have a play with the Mk1 Rytm. I didn’t realise how huge the Mk2’s were until I saw them in person.

The Digit- size is nice, but the original box works really well for the Rytm (to me anyway).


Digidrum! Microtonic-esque…
Instant buy for me…

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I also love the little boxes form factor.
I can put the three of them in my bag and I still have room for an Eventide Space :smiley:


Do I have good news for YOU!


Maybe the the updated engines of the Digimd could have some kind of modular or semi-modular element to the programming, like a combination of the Eloquencer, the Eurorack Maths module, and the Moog D-Fam … possibly with transistors in the scenario alongside the digital domain … with the very cool non-linear programming and interface references of the Digitakt.

also maybe a slightly different naming idea … DigiMind? … the Machinetakt perhaps? :joy:

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I had this, but the UI is really not mine. Too many button combos.

You know, it’s my understanding that some people like yellow.

As the French say: “Mi casa es su casa”


Looks like you got your wish.