Interesting Brian Eno quote regarding synth design

I was thinking the same :wink:

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Indeed. As someone who used to do repair work it seemed the trend was that the more advanced the gear, the more likely the client was to have done some troubleshooting (including factory resetting) prior to bringing it to me. The simple gear was usually accompanied by “I’ve tried nothing and I’m all out of ideas”.

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In addition, performing a backup was not trivial back then. To perform a bulk dump via MIDI you needed a computer with a MIDI interface, a hardware sequencer, a spare memory card or some kind of tape interface.

A DX7 owner without a reliable patch backup/storage regime is going to be a very unhappy DX7 user.

Fucking batteries man…

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Those batteries were even necessary in a Kurzweil K2600. The latter had a floppy disk drive at least. So did summer Korg and Roland synths from the early 90’s.