Internal sampling, and playing long samples help!

Hey guys,

I know I ask a lot of questions here, so I made a decision to only ask you if I can’t find a solution in the manual/forum/youtube!

So, what I’m trying to do is sample a track.

I have the sample playing on track 6, with track 8 with a flex machine and recording buffer one selected.

Into the recording setup I have in AB and CD turned off and SRC3 set to track 6.

I play the sample and hold the midi button and track 8 (as the elektron know how video says). The light moves in time with the levels and the tape icon spins around in the setup, but when I go to listen to the internal sample, there’s nothing there, also nothing in the audio editor.

One last quick question, how to play long samples from a track (currently using a mix of one shot trig and 1/8 playback speed

Getting a bit annoyed, not at the machine but the fact I’m not getting it!

You guys have been so helpful so thanks in advance!

From what I’ve read you sampled into recording buffer 8. Set your flex track 8 to Recording8 and see what happens.

Yes, it was there! Thank you. Now all I have to do is figure out to get it to record for as long as I want it to

Hit up the manual. You want the Memory Config menu.

Once there, reduce the number of tracks available for recording and you’ll be able to increase the recording time to several minutes.