Internal Sampling From One Track To Another

First, I am really sorry if this has been discussed before. I have spent the last few weeks going though the awesome Octatrack archive, alas I haven’t found a definitive answer.

I’m a big fan of Elektron. I have the digitone and love it and have just recently sold my beloved digitakt because I have an Octatrack itch.

Alongside my digitakt, I used an SP404 for longer (stereo) samples. Which had been working really well for me. However, I love the possibilities that the Octatrack offers.

So I know that in theory, the static machine could very easily replace my sp404 for long samples, but can I resample internally from say Track 1 (playing a long static machine sample) to say Track 2 (or another) running in flex or another machine, so that I can have more mangle ability/flexibility? As an example say I have this musical number running from the static and I want to capture a snippet of the static sample to further mangle in another machine?

This sounds like a dumb question I know, but I would appreciate a definitive yes or no before I buy the Octatrack.

Also, for me personally, the Octatrack will be mangling samples I create in the box or have collected over the years. I will still be using live sampling with my other gear, but that is not my main focus.

Thanks to anyone who spends there time reading this and a bigger thank you if you take longer to answer.


Any flex track can sample from any other track or input on the back of the machine. Also the main outputs. It’s awesome for exactly this.

You could have 7 tracks sampling different bits and pieces of your static track and playing them back with different trigs and p locks.

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Francis, thank you so much.

I did think this would be the case, just wanted to doubt check before I brought it. Also I am guessing the trig conditions and trig tricks are the same as the digitakt?

Again, Francis thanks so much for taking the time


Also, as a side bar (to anyone), is the MK2 worth the extra price?

Yes I believe so. I had a DN and it was the same.

IMO yes. Absolutely.

I think it’s a matter of personal preference mostly, I like better the looks of the MK2 and I love the mechanical buttons. But you should be aware that if you live in a tropical place the rubber coating on the MK2 buttons will rot. MK1 doesn’t have this problem.

Awesome, thank you so much

I’m UK based, so that shall not be an issue. The MK2 is definitely the prettier of the two. I’m just struggling with if looks along (and button combo) is justifiable in my case. £300 difference