Introduce yourself thread?

Hello… I don’t see an introductions thread, so here goes.

My name is Daniel and I have made music under the monikers Sauce and, currently, SnowMetal.
I owned a v1 Machinedrum about 10 years ago, used it extensively w/ the Roland V-Synth. I have played about 600 live shows since the late 80’s. I have a lot of YouTube tutorials up, covering a variety of hardware and software.

I’ve had plans on getting an Octatrack for about five years or so, and I got one around four months ago. A few days ago, I put up my first videos concerning this machine, linked below… I plan on learning and contributing much. Cheers.

Creating synth waveforms for chromatic sequencing:

Mashing Ableton-style clips on the OT:


Maybe mine could be what you are looking for?

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Thx friend for digging this old thread.

Everything in its right place.