Inverse Fractional Trig Conditions?

I’m wondering if anyone has discovered a way, using trig conditions, to cause a trig to play on every pattern repeat ecxept for the one selected.

As an example, a trig with condition “3:4” will play only on the third of every four repetitions of the pattern. I often wish I could create the inverse condition - a trig that will play on every pattern repeat except the third one. (or whatever division I am using.)

I have 2 workarounds for this, but neither is as elegant as ‘negative space trigs’ could be. My patterns are often too densely packed with trigs to add in the other 3 conditional trigs at 1:4, 2:4, and 4:4, microtimed to effectively fall at the same trig time. This would leave out anything greater than :4 as the repeat factor for my condition, as microtiming can only push trigs out by one step. My only other method around this is copying and pasting the whole pattern and using chain mode to add or remove one note from the pattern.

Is there another method that I’m missing? I think this functionality would be possible to program into an os update, and it would fall in line with the existing negated conditions (NOTfill, NOTprevious, NOTneither, and NOTfirst.) (Perhaps the J encoder on the Note page could be used as a “Negate Trig Condition” switch to round out the whole page, as adding another option for each individual fractional condition would almost double the already lengthy list.)


put the condition on a spare Trigless trig just before it and make the actual trig be the opposite of that previous one [not/pre] … this concept has been discussed in the TRC mega thread way back but relies on you having a spare trigless trig to adapt


it would be cool if exponential interactive equations were appliable to multiple tracks

I miss the recent past where I was only concerned with things like ‘shall I put a minor or major chord here’ :wink:


hilarity ensues

I failed remedial algebra in college twice then somehow passed informal logic. So yea…all this math stuffs…smoke is coming out my ears…probably would have helped if I spent less time in college smoking spliffs and spinnin records…

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Genius! I really haven’t used the previous conditional trigs at all. They never really seemed useful until right now. Thanks, Avantronica!


The NOT Pre trick that @avantronica mentioned seems like a good workaround (not tried it yet, but definitely will - ta for that!) - but @Jaystink’s request for an update also sounds like a good idea.

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