iOS, Camera Kit, Keystep/Beatstep missing/corrupt MIDI Data

I’m hoping people can confirm or deny this situation, to rule out whether it is specific to my iPad.

I have found that some MIDI Data coming from either the Keystep 37 or original Beatstep gets dropped by some applications. I’ve been trying to diagnose where the problem lies and so used both MIDI Wrench & MIDI Scope to log the events.

I’ll stick with the Keystep situation for now as this one is pretty simple to test. Whenever the Sequencer is used the NOTE ON messages are problematic and don’t make it to some software, one example is SynthMaster ONE/Player. In MIDI Scope the NOTE ON events never arrive. However in MIDI Wrench, they do but they are flagged with an [MP] flag.

There is 100% correlation between these MP tagged events and the problem. So I got in touch with CrudeByte the makers of MIDI Wrench, and they refuse to tell me what it means, saying it’s related to the driver and doesn’t concern the end user, and finally fobbed me off saying that it’s not an issue with their software so stop bothering them basically without even watching the video I made to demonstrate the correlation… Pretty bizarre behaviour to say the least, but whatever MP signifies it seems to be a company secret they’re reluctant to share.

So at this point I’m just hoping someone can verify these dropped messages on their iPad too, all you need is Keystep 37, camera kit and both MIDI Wrench/MIDI Scope. Here is my test, I play a few Notes manually on the keys, then start the sequence, manual keys get through fine. It’s using an iPad Pro 12.9" 2015.

Incidentally using one of my Chinese USB MIDI cables and the Keystep 5-pin DIN out all messages get through without errors.

I’ve just bought a brand new USB3 camera connector, as mine was not charging through it as well as it used to when using it anymore and I thought that might solve it but it hasn’t.


There is more to this issue, a few weeks ago I was building a template for NTS-1 in MIDI Designer Pro 2 using a Beatstep to map to knobs in the template, and had the same problem with just some of the CC numbers that are completely ignored by MDP2. So it’s not only the Keystep that displays this problem, although both are by Arturia. I’ve also tried my xKey and played lots of notes and aftertouch and some messages are flagged as MP, but not many and not very useful for identifying messages getting through.

Most software I have like the Korg Synths and Moog, do respond to the sequencer, so it’s a strange problem, MDP2, MIDI Scope and SynthMaster Player/ONE do not.

So if anyone can do these tests and help verify it it’s just a problem I experience or not, produce anymore clues that would be great.