iOS songmode for digis

I know the songmode saga is something Elektron is not respondnig to for the digis. Are there any iOS apps that can do this? ideally via usb, but bluemidi is ok too.

This has oddly become one of the most frustrating gear holy grails ive ever been on. In the search for the perfect streamlined hardware set up - DT&DN is so close to being perfect for my needs as a solo singer/guitar/song writer gigging.

Except for the single problem of no arranger/savable pattern chains.

Yes, I had an OT. The arranger is great, but I much prefer the DT as a drum machine/one shots and since I’m not ever going to be live tweaking with scenes and a cross fader the OT is really not the right fit. I also need to class compliant USB of the Digi. Something else OT doesnt offer.

Now, one last avenue I cant figure out is why there isn’t an iOS app that is only a DT/DN arranger. Surely such a thing must exist - or would be very easy to program?!? right?? please can we petition developer to make this!!

I would pay for such an app.

or… elektron… are you listening?!? dont make me sell my DTDNs on reverb and buy an mpc. please.

please no one tell me to use a daw. or an OT. I know what they do and I know what I want. I want the OT arranger in an iOS app. (or in a firmware update). This is definitely possible

please! iOS you are my only hope.

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