iPad Midi controller

Anyone know if there is a tbmidistuff/mididesigner/touchosc type app that you can select different midi ports for objects placed on the same GUI?

eg button 1 goes to midi port 1, button 2 goes to midi port 2?

(I’m using iConnect Midi4 and want to reach multiple external devices through the same screen)


Lemur :+1:

Amen to that. Amazing value for the money.

thanks - reading the manual now.

Not sure yet if I can use lemur with just the iconnect midi 4 connected to the ipad and elektrons on each midi port, without a computer running the daemon, and still see the iconnectmidi ports as targets …

… looks like you assign the targets to ports within the ipad app itself? sounds promising.

No need for a computer at all if you wanted, assigning ports and channels etc can all be done in app or scripted

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thanks again - skimmed through the manual. what a great app!

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It was a product before that :wink:

Lemur is crazy fun to use. I hardly even use the cross fader on the OT anymore.

Lemur is great but creating new stuff with the iPad and IPhone editor is quite painful if you ask me. Making smaller changes works but the computer editor is THE way to go making your templates.