Ipad with separate audio & midi intefaces : possible?


I wanted to know if any of you has a solution for connecting a different audio and midi interface to an Ipad ?

I have an Ipad and a cck. I’m planning to get a mioXL for midi but I’m concerned about how to get audio out of the Ipad, the headphones output is not an option since its quality is not that great.

Is bluetooth a viable solution ? I checked with my tascam model12, but I had a really important latency last time…

I wouldn’t want to invest in another audio interface with midi just for the Ipad if possible…

What do you think ?

Thanks a lot.

There are many audio interfaces that work with the iPad. I have the pro and use an evo 8, which you can get in Amazon for less than a 100 euros.

And, this being the elektron forum, if you have a digitakt or analog heat you can use that as a class compliant audio interface.

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Thanks, my question was more around : is it possible to get the mio xl AND an interface plugged at the same time on the ipad while lightning port provides power ?
With a usb hub for example ?

Ah ! Yes. You can’t have multiple of the same device drivers (like two audio interfaces) but a midi interface and an audio interface works. I have via a dock my audio interface connected and a launchpad over USBC for midi. Works without issue.

Edit: just make sure you get an audio interface without midi ports. I have not tried that’s but I imagine that would course a conflict.

Thanks a lot !

So, just to be clear :

I can plug a mioxl and an audio interface in a usb hub, usb hub goes into cck and both will be visible by ipad charging by lightning port of the cck ?

Simple as that ! :slight_smile:

Does the Mio also offer audio passthrough, like other iConnect devices? If so, it will show up as an audio interface and screw things up.

However, iOS will use whichever audio interface you plug in last, so just do it all in the right order

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When connecting multiple USB devices to Ipad I use either

  • 2 or 3 USB port CCK (not apple ones obviously)
  • apple CCK to powered USB hub

I’ve never owned two audio interfaces though so I’m not sure that helps ? I do own both a midi interface and a separate midi + audio interface though, and I’m pretty sure I’ve had both midis connected into audiobus that way.

Thanks everyone !

You can only have one audio interface connected. The moment you connect a second interface, iOS will connect to that device and discard the first connected audio interface.

Multiple (class compliant) MIDI interfaces/devices, no problem at all.

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