Is elektron right for me?

Hey, I’m really considering picking up a digitakt. it seems i’d really get some use out of it! but I’m the most indecisive person ever. Sooo, heyyyy digitakt owners, how do you like it? for some background, I’m a young music creator who works from his home studio, I currently have a Roland mc 101, Ableton push, and a Vochlea Dubler.
I like to make all genres of music ( just whatever I feel like :slight_smile: )

Any input is great!!! thanks

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Elektron instruments are great, but not for everyone I suppose. Why don’t you order one from a place with a good return policy and try it out for a week. Sweetwater is pretty good with this if you’re in the states. I’d rather try from smaller dealers, but their returns are hassle free from my experience.


Ok, thats a good idea !!!

Imo, I think it’s the best Elektron for new users - even more so than the Models series. It’s particularly suited to drums, ofc, but it can also do synths by looping short samples known as single cycle waveforms (loads of them are available online and some are included on the DT too), and it’s a great midi sequencer too if you prefer doing things in hardware and using your ears more than programming in the box and seeing everything laid out on a piano roll. And if you prefer physical buttons and knobs over a mouse and keyboard situation, it’s a fantastic intro to Elektron. What do you think? Does that appeal to you?


Absolutely!!! thanks for the help, I much prefer hardware sequencing and having somthing physical, i find it inspiring


Welcome to the world of Elektron then :raised_hands:

Edit: also, DT can be used as a 2-input soundcard for other gear. A great feature!


Thanks !!!

I feel with the combined power of the Digitakt and Ableton Live (plus endless plugins) I could happy make music for the rest of my life with no further hardware. :slight_smile:


Elektron will change your life.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Have fun while you learn. It’s epic. Apart from a real piano nothing compares to Elektron bear for me.


so the digitakt pairs well with ableton ?

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Sweeet im so exited to get one !!! ive been going to music shops all around my town so i can try it out

I can see the DT being an excellent pairing with this one :). The DT having MIDI tracks to do loads of nice things to the 101 :slight_smile:

I started with the Digitakt a year ago and it’s a very sweet machine. I moved to the OT but I still miss how simple and immediate the DT is. It also has a great resell value, so it’s nice when you can find a good used one and you know you’ll probably resell for a similar price or trade it for other gear. It’s a different way of thinking about music and I love it a lot more than the MPC way or even the Korg way. But yeah the only way to know is to try it out for a while!


Octatrack is my next piece. I think the DT will. Stay though. 16 sample tracks… :grinning:


I mean all Elektrons pair nicely with Ableton Live but for me there’s something magical about the ease of use and sound quality of the Digitakt that really gets me feeling creative and inspired without much forethought. :slight_smile:

I have only used my DT as far as hardware goes in 2021 (as a personal challenge).
Even 5.5 months in, I still feel like I have so much to learn and explore, especially with the limitlessness that comes with being able to load up any samples I want into it.
And the MIDI capabilities opens things up really nicely.

Yeah, when i get the chance i really want to try it someday

yeah they are two different beast! I’d probably keep both if I had the money and space (and not that feeling of having too much gear already)

Yeah i get you haha

Never used the Digi. My first piece of gear was the Analog Rytm. Always wrote tracks on a computer before that. The Rytm and the Elektron workflow in general took awhile to wrap my head around. I could make noise immediately, but to really understand what it was capable of has taken years. I’m still discovering stuff on it. It’s completely changed the way I write music from linear/track based to more akin to how a musician works with an instrument. So, I would definitely recommend it but I wouldn’t expect amazing results immediately. YRMV

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