Is file manager buggy on your OT?

Yesterday I decided to do a spring cleaning on my CF card. I decided to try out the File Manager on the OT. But my experience was buggy to say the least. I had 4 sets that I decided to slim down to 2. First I moved the needed sound files to the Audio Pool in set two. But when trying to rename the folder I typed in the name and pressed yes. But it somehow had renamed a totally different folder in a different location. This happened two times, the second time i trippel checked that I was in the correct folder, but still the same thing. Then I tried to remove a folder but got an “Error: could not remove folder. Folder not empty”. I thought that it was strange because I had double checked that I had removed everything before trying to delete it. But after the error message I looked in the folder again. And there was like 10 different files with totally random names containing all different kinds of letters and symbols.

Has anyone else experienced this kind of behaviour?

Sounds like a corrupted file system on the CF card …