Is it possible to have the Master come out of the headphones with Main volume to zero?

Hey everybody,
Wanting to use the Octatrack as my main production machine instead of the computer for a while, I plugged in everything as should, but when trying to use my headphones instead of the monitors, I found out that the master was not coming out.
The headphone part of the mixer section is completely to the left (M) but I can’t hear anything, although when I set it to C and cue a track, its clearly audible in the headphones. Has any of you had this problem yet? What can it come from? Did I forget to do something?

Alright, so you need to have some level on the Main to have sound come out of the heaphones infortunately. Isn’t there a way to make these two volumes independant from each other?

M stands for MAIN, C for CUE.
Headphones output is a mix of them, so it is dependant on those levels.

With a mixer, you can lower MAIN and CUE outputs independently.

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Yes, what I meant was that when I had my headphones on with a decent level on the knob AND the headphone mix completely on Main (Left - M), I heard nothing.
But now I realized that was because the Main level itself was at the lowest, which is now what bothers me. I’d like to control the volume on my monitors with main, and on my headphones with headphones, but the too are not independant, you have to have something in main to have something in your headphones.

As I edited above, use a mixer to control your monitors if they don’t have volume knobs.

I set my Main and Cue levels to 0 most of the time, because it also affect recording levels (with MAIN or CUE as SRC3 source).

Okay, I see what you mean.
Although I was of the impression that the point of the Octatrack was to not need a mixer, especially for such a basic function :slight_smile:

Without a mixer, you can turn of monitors, use CUE…buy monitors with volume knob…:content:

Sure sure, was just a bit of a surprise not to have independant control of both

More independent than A4 / AR and probably most of Elektrons. Their Volume knob control headphones and main at the same time.