Is it really worth it?

With everything you’ve had and you want to replace a Digitakt. I used the DT first and swapped to the OT. You can replace the DT with the OT. However the workflow has more going on in just sampling so it’s not as quick at first to get used to.

If you decide to and you can keep the DT for a bit it would be an easier transition. I thought of going back at times but I just haven’t really had the where with all to invest myself and focus so I know it’s just that as I am now a year in and I’m as comfortable with what I do on it as I was on the DT. And I’m happy that I have all the additional features at my disposal to learn whenever.

worth it for the MIDI sequencer alone

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Something I dig the most about the OT is the 2X FX slots per track.

Yea, it’s a limitation but it’s also very open. You can have two compressors, or change the order of two commonly used FX like EQ and LoFi.
Some tracks or samples do not need an EQ or a reverb, and that can invite you to explore the other FX, p-lock them, assign them to scenes.

Limitations can be frustrating but are important. An open architecture combined with limitations makes the OT such a powerful creative tool and allows its to stand alone among the other Elektrons.
And this is only talking about 10% of the instrument’s capabilities :exploding_head:


And with a Neighbor Track, it goes to 4 FX slots…

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Add another neighbour machine to get 6 FX
And using cue as a send FX adds more, plus resampling that… er … Rabbit hole time! Loveit.


That’s why I did put suspension points at the end.


I wouldn’t call it a replacement for the DT. The DT is really different in the workflow. I moved from the DT to the OT as I felt limited with the DT, and the limitation was bigger than the fun. I really enjoy playing with the DT, it’s a lot more immediate creation, but when I wanted to go deeper and felt limited I knew I had to move toward the OT.

I have a strange relation to the OT, it just disappeared into my workflow, it’s there and always will be but it’s not central to my composition as I use 2 other synth as my main tool.

Anyway - buy it, try it, resell it or keep it for the rest of your life, you won’t know until you play with it for a bit. I fell in love with it, other will tell you to try to stick to it for a while…

If you like computers, better switch now to a computer, so much more you can do! I don’t like computers for music, so I’m ‘stuck’ with machine and I love it!


Regarding the DT and OT, I have made the exact opposite experience as ponnuki. I recently switched back from OT to DT, as I craved its limitations, immediacy, fun and focus. Both machines are incredible. I guess in the end it comes down to personal taste, how you want to use the machine, and how you gel with it, when you try it out.
I had the OT for 2.5 years and recently sold it, but I’d still say it was worth it for the time I had it.

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