Is Model Samples for me?

For several years I kept old equipment?When Digitakt came out, it was for me the simplest and most obvious sampler to play .
For me, each track should have its fun function,/Resold my old gear
I recommend it : The screen is large and fast navigation

Try on a different production !
Ease of use sometimes changes the way we think

Here is one of my favorite videos
He uses his DTmachine as a hearthbeat

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From my experience if today I am fulfilled in my music

It’s because I ran into these :3lektron:
On the other handModel::Sample creates more work

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done a lot of lazy style tracks too haha.

with its price, you wont regret dipping your feet with the M:S

Then if the workflow suits you, upgrading for a DT makes sense.

At that point, personally I d keep both, makes for more tracks and ctrl-all power :black_heart:


mines moving across the covid country right now from detroit to ohio, should have it monday !
i was originally going to grab the M:C but i’m impatient with the back order lol so my quest to grab something from elektron asap brought me back the M:S
i wanted one last year but i’ve been working on ios almost exclusively for a couple years and been keeping up with all those amazing apps so i waited, but i got the fever from watching those M:S videos .
hope you enjoy yours man ! i’m stoked


After watching tons of tutorials etc I ordered a M:S yesterday, thanks for all the replies, it was really helpful!
Just like you I nearly bought the Cycles, the FM synthezis sounds great and different, something magical and semi human about it…
But as a starting point I think M:S will be perfect as I can build a “core” of sounds on it.
Will probably get the Cycles later. Any ideas on how to work with them work together?

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I was wondering if I should get one too with my DT, say use it for drums and DT for everything else as a small versatile setup.


Saw this loopop video where he goes through point by point, digitakt vs. model samples. There are actually a few areas where he gives the advantage to the model samples.